Gothic angel

Oh my goodness! -.- I totally forgot about artwanted sorry ^^; if you want to see an updated art gallery (updated all the time) then go to ________________________________________________________________________ Did this back in June, I liked this piece but now I hate it -.- The wings are soo damn @!?%!!! Errr, hope I have improved since this picture. I'll upload next month ^_^


Anonymous Guest

Hayli harding 18 May 2006

Yazz this is cute..... i like it! ^^ i geuss u drew this when i wuz , lyke, 11 yrs old! ttfn!

Artist Reply: nah I was 13 ;-) hehe

Anonymous Guest (IP: 08 Apr 2006 old are yoo?

Artist Reply: well i was 13... now i'm nearly 15 its two years old...