Who am I?

Translation of the Arabic Poem is: Who am I? Am I the victory of Death? Or am I the shadow of Life. Who am I? I am the similarity between the unsimilar. I am the water and fire joined. I am a tear in a sea of fire. I am questions. Who am I?


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Lynnette Zulli 08 Aug 2006

I am the calm in the storm... I am the Peace in that voided area between light and darkness... the eye of a storm ..that empty place in your heart that only the creator can fill ... thought provoking Hisham !!!

tim linville 13 Oct 2005

I say if we can't answer this question by tomorrow,we all just say what the hay,and don't go to work for a couple of days:)One of your best balanced images!Great dark tones!

stephanie atlee 12 Sep 2005

wow...very moving poem and rendering...very nice

Analua 12 Sep 2005

He is a lost spirit... Very good work!

Andrew Diaz 12 Sep 2005

Great visual effects!