mother of nature

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X-Chel 03 Jul 2010

Very beautiful soft colors in a perfect blend! This Mother of NatureĀ“s second name or title could almost be "Kubaba/Cybele" if she had a polos head-dress (hat that looks like a tin-can) on her wheat-like hair. Another alternative could be to call her "Demeter/Ceres" if you are into classifying, but the former alternative (Kubaba/Cybele) seems more appropriate for your painting, as she is Anatolian in origin, like yourself (as far as I know).

Vojkan Djurdjevic 30 Mar 2008

awesome! :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 Nov 2006

that is amazing

monique cooper 24 Sep 2005

What an outstanding peice!!.. i adore it!!.. so much imagination you have , it's wonderful!!

Casey Catton 21 May 2005

Very nice work....she looks like she is the mother of nature! Wheat for hair....HOW WONDERFULLY CREATIVE! BRAVO!!!!! :)