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The Sibyl's Cave

This week's Illustration Friday's ( topic was "Wisdom". At first, I had no idea what to do with it, then I began thinking of what I associate with wisdom. It was definitely something that was female for me. So I thought of goddesses and, ultimately, Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom; either a picture of the goddess herself or of her symbol, the owl. However, in the end I decided to go for my namesake, the sibyl, in this case the Sibyl of Cumae. I did incorporate Athena's owl in the picture (bottom right corner) as she seemed more relevant to me than Apollo who normally was associated with oracles of all kinds (especially, the one in Delphi). The person barely seen is a Roman soldier going to seek knowledge from the sibyl. Tradigital Artwork Copyright 2005 Sybille Sterk

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Kelly Barrett 23 Aug 2005

Mystical and serene. Lovely gentle touch with the pastels.

Nancy Costley 15 Aug 2005

Beautiful work. Great adaptation of the things you spoke of.

Loredana 15 Aug 2005

Beautifully done i love it and looks very mysterious :)

Karina Ishkhanova 15 Aug 2005

Wonderful interpretation of the theme and confirmed for me once again that art provokes us to learn - I thought that I am more or less familiar with the Greek Mythology, but was ashamed to find out that I did not know about Sibyl of Cumae, so went immidiately to the google and found the Myth! Thank you!

stephanie atlee 15 Aug 2005

Wonderful the blurred is beautiful