"I'm gonna sing the DOOM song now!" Presenting one of the five pictures I wanted to have finished before my summer is over! This is a picture of Kira, my friend's character dressed as Jhnonen V's Character, Gir. Why? Because she didn't have the best Birthday in the world that she deserved! Noone should have to be stuck babysitting on their special day. :hug: One birthday present down, One to Go! ------------------------------------ The IRONY. Tis a happy picture and like any happy picture I would usually listen to happy, silly music while drawing this. Yet for some reason I couldn't shake the fact that October's coming up and with it sad memories of the past. Tis only August but I feel as if that horrible day's tomarrow. I hate it when people die. ----------------------------------- BACK TO THE HAPPY! Kira Copyright: WolfAphrodite Gir Copyright: Jhonen V. (I always mis-spell his last name so we're just gonna go with a V) Image Copyright: Me (Lady-Hawk)


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tim linville 31 Dec 2007

That's one serious zipper:)

Lawrence Hickman 12 Aug 2005

very good great job well composed