2004 colored pencil on paper

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cecilia ferreira 22 Dec 2005

You are one of the most diverse artists I have ever come across...

Artist Reply: Thank you, I don't know if that is a blessing or a curse...

John Enright 28 Oct 2005

love that poetic inspiration Christine. I like the drawing too.

Christine brand 02 Oct 2005

I don't know exactly what it is and I don't has such magic!!! Looks like a BEAN ABODE!!! at the end of a daydream road... A fortunate place to stay and while the wittle hours away... till the morning comes up a grin, till the night goes down, snickers spin...never a need to live in a city or metro town... Living within the Bean so comfortably brown... enlightens the load...along pathway to Butterfly road!!! Too cute!!! Now I should shut up...this charm got to me is all. It's wonderful...Have a blessed day Carmen!!! Sorry about the poem... it is an affliction of mine...I write nonsense sometimes. This just set my mind to wandering and into a fancy!!! You can delete my comment if you wish, I am sorry if it is a pain...if so I promise never to do it again...

Artist Reply: Wow, thanks! Love the poem - it's the perfect accompaniment. Glad it could inspire you so!

Cara St. Marie 08 Aug 2005

Excellent piece!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 08 Aug 2005

Wonderful concept, Carmen! Very successful!