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Madonna's Demon 7 Feeding the Demon

Watercolor/Ink - 9 x 12 inches. I have been captured by this vision and feel the urge to express it through painting. This piece reflects the reality of finding and addressing the demons in our lives. The Madonna is an icon that represents the feminine in it's purest form. No matter how "clean" one's life appears to the outside world - people struggle with their own problems and "demons". Though we emanate goodness and kindness and try to positively affect those around us, we harbor troubles of our own. In this piece the Madonna feeds that which causes her pain. She has faced her demon and knows it well. She finally has come to realize that it is a part of her and may actually in some form, be a blessing. The flames surrounding the Madonna are metallic gold - expressing the radiating forces that her choices make - in the world.


Anonymous Guest

Frances Perea 04 Sep 2008

Your insight into the human condition and your expression of this in this painting is very powerful!

Linda Cleary 30 Nov 2005

One word...WOW!

Joe Bartz 27 Jul 2005

Ouch! I bet that would hurt. Very colorful and it has a nice meaning behind it.

ashok nayak 26 Jul 2005

wao! fantastic mother and child work in water colour Lisa! lovely.