ACEO - 770205A14

At first, I was planning to sell prints of my sold artworks for ACEO's. Then I realized the increasing value of ACEO's are getting more exciting. Other than that I find it more appropriate for me since I travel often times I can make ACEOs while on the plane and ignore the long flights, perhaps maybe when be back on the ship or along with my other special activities.

I aslo find it as a great entertainment and substantial pastimes after my working hours along with my tea while considering to quit my day job and concentrate on my art where my heart really belong with passion.

I am committed now to make more ACEOs to fill in the fun of trading. All original are posted in my profile. Prints, Greeting Cards, Stamps, and Post Cards are in process.


Anonymous Guest

Marilyn Servais 27 Jul 2005

it is a very beautiful painting , i love the deep colors and thickness !

stephanie atlee 26 Jul 2005

wonderful composition and colors...very expressive

Emily Reed 26 Jul 2005

Cool image.

thea walstra 26 Jul 2005

A moody and beautiful abstract