ACEO - 770205A10

Hello, Thank you for viewing my ACEO- ATC card they are now listed on ebay. You Search my pen name alfechelena. Whoever wins my ACEO's I hope it is being well cared and Thank you very much as there will be more to come.

At first I was planning to sell prints of my artworks for ACEO's. Then I realized the increasing value of ACEO's are getting more exciting. Other than that I find it more appropriate for me since I travel often times and I can do my ACEOs while on the plane to forget the long flights, back on the ship or along with my other special activities.

I am committed now to make more ACEOs to fill in the fun of trading. All original are posted in my profile. Prints are already in process so you may watch and collect the original while they are at best offer.


Anonymous Guest

stephanie atlee 26 Jul 2005

nice colors...very strong feel of water

Lynn De Serres 25 Jul 2005

Nice canvas effect