My hampster, Kumako! I think he was planning on suicide jumping off the desk...


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Christine brand 27 Sep 2005

You are cracking me up Jennifer Watkins!! I love your sense of humor!! these are the most addicting little guys. Once I had five of them and then they a had a butt load of babies. Hehehe! I couldn't stop buying them, they were scrambling to get at me in the pet shop biting on the bars trying to come home with me so I gave in... Cute shot!!! I love it. Have a fun day Girl!! Nice to meet you here.

Artist Reply: I wish hampsters lived to be 500 years old or something! Poor things just don't live long. I've always had hampsters, and usually we had two males in seperate cages, side by side. They like to have neighbors. This hampster, my Kumako, has grown a LOT of hair since then. One side is longer than the other! I fluff it out to make it look like he has wings. Hm...reminds me of Boo (from Mega Tokyo, don't sue!).

stephanie atlee 25 Jul 2005

he is soo cute...nice

Artist Reply: If I could have gotten his face, and not the...back region...it would have been better. Hampsters are so fast!