A place to come home to

16x20 oil on canvas. This is a painting of my grandparents house. When I was growing up we moved alot and I never lived in one house long enough to feel at home. Comming back to my grandparents house always felt like comming home.

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Maria Murphy 19 Sep 2007


Faye Facer 16 Sep 2007

The painting is good - palette, composition, detail. But is looks lonesome and desertet. It is too perfect. The place has been cleaned up, painted and the people have gone away to europe for an extended holiday. where is the rocking chair, grammas plant set out on the porch for some sun; no curtains on the windows no footsteps or tire marks in the driveway; even the weeds have all been spray killed. Give your painting some life.

Vivian Allen 07 Oct 2005

Wow. This is a magnificent old place tucked into the flora that you've painted so beautifully!

Billy Lewis 04 Oct 2005

i Love this ,it looks like my mom and dads house.The house is still in my family.

gregg dutcher 27 Aug 2005

Wow!!!!.....it sure does give a homey feeling.---wonderful work---