Deja-Vu  -poetry of wanderer

All men are traveling in each time... 910*1167

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Hiromi Green 17 Jan 2008

Fantastic!! Konnichiwa, Nante Suteki na E nandeshou! Kiri ni tsutsumareta youna Shikisai to, Nanto ittemo Tamago ga Subarashii. Hiromi

Lawrence Hickman 31 Oct 2005

intresting and very well composed...excellant job well done

Christine brand 25 Aug 2005

Um! Denver Omelet Please!!! on the serious side...this one is my favorite cause they look like they are on their own just gliding through the air with the greatest of ease n not any one will notice, right!!! Plus I love the hushed monotone!!! n the empty feeling...makes your interest set on those Eggs!!! Are they going south for the winter? LOL!! I love it!!!

Emily Reed 17 Aug 2005

Those eggs just look like they are marching along!

Renata Cavanaugh 20 Jul 2005

Interesting and well done painting!