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Life is but a dream

Woah! @[email protected] This is what happens when you read too much stuff by Megumi Tachikawa. I love her artwork so much, Its so perfect and kawaii! Its hard copying other artist's styles, it makes me wonder what my own style will be like in the future. Thats the best part about manga/anime art work, your free to make up your own type of eyes/hands/hair, you name it. Its just so rule free. ^-^


Anonymous Guest

Aysun Ribbon 03 Feb 2006

A very nice job, I like the cloring and the cute poses. Also the background fits well, keep up the good work!

Akio Kaminari 06 Aug 2005

this is good, and so kawaii! Your coloured pencil is good *looks at it* Soemtimes is really hard to draw in coloured pencil but this is wonderful ^_^ I agree with your caption- coming up with a style is amazing but challenging, my style is never the same U_U which makes it hard to do comic sometimes-- keep up the GOOD work!

Kwabena Poku 17 Jul 2005

Very nice!

Pretty Crimson Eyes 17 Jul 2005

This is so cool! And totally kawaii ^_^ You're pretty good with colored pencils... Can't wait to see what you'll do next.

Asoka(Mattias) Långström 17 Jul 2005

stunning artwork