Blues Ultra

a/c 44 x 54 cm original SOLD now available as a 20" x 30" (50 x 75 cm)format poster signed by the artist for $35 US to order on line visit


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 23 Oct 2008

John, How's it going? Kind of shitty, to tell you the truth. But, sincerely, Thanks for asking. Peace & Love, CC

John Enright 21 Oct 2008

hey carson, howz it going maestro.... keep the faith.

michelle olson 29 Feb 2008

so dreamy, this is really good!!!!

jessica torrant 10 Sep 2006

Another fabulous piece - glad I discovered your portfolio!

derek shockey 15 Feb 2005

beautiful work just enough detail to see the subject matter and enough openness to lose your self in the color very nice