Winter beach

This painting is based on a photograph taken by me when visiting the beach at Kåseberga one stormy and freezing winter day. I have made one similar painting earlier, but the day and what I saw fascinates me. It was an enormous noise from the waves, no people around and soo cold. Painted 2005, size 35x27 cm. Sold.


Anonymous Guest

Renee Nemerov 21 Dec 2005

Nice work!

Alejandro Lopez 29 Jun 2005

cool painting..the sea seems to dry..remember that water sparkles a bit..try your hand at painting at that beach instead of painting from a photo..but very good perspective drawing

Artist Reply: Thanks for your comment! I will have in mind what you mention about that water sparkles. To paint from a photo is my only option, I'm afraid. It takes me too long time to make a painting at site. The day when the shoot for this paintings was taken it was storm and way below zero degrees. I almost froze my finger off, when taking the photo... Kindly/Peter

Renata Cavanaugh 24 Jun 2005

IF I did not know how increadibly talented you are I would not believe this is a painting...AMAZING WORK!