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I've seen so many artist draw Yami no Yuugi and Little Yuugi togeather in strange poses and I thought to my self, "Hey! I want to do one too!" So I did... and here it is. I think Zelda influenced this one the most with the swords and tunics going on in this pic. Eko means "One" in Sanskrit, I named this peace that because Atem and Yuugi are one mind and one person. We all know that Atem will eventually leave Yuugi in the end because a pharaoh shouldn't be living in this time and age, especially not in a body of a young boy. Anyway *shifty eyes* It was hard coming up with those swords, I had to stare at the "Magic Knight Rayearth" cover for about 5 minutes trying to come up with my own sword... okay then! *runs away*

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Dec 2006

no offence, but they look like they're sleeping..