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A Lecture Inspired by Justin

It started few months ago at Justin Jenkins portfolio ;I was quite surprised at Yarin's enthusiasm of Justin's work and commented like this: "Justin,not only I like your works,but now U have a five years old admirer,who sit by his mother and asked her to send this to him by mail... " :-)))This comment to Justin,led us making Yarin's project in kindergarden ,in the subject of Justin Michael Jenkins...With my help of- course :-))... Since every year I volunteer in the kindergarden 2-3 times a year,to do somekind of "a story with a creation " ,activity with the children,I choose to do this year a lecture about Justin and a creation inspired by justin's work...Of - course I choose the less complicated works of justin for this activity. The lecture and the creation was great success.The children anjoyed SO MUCH, least 7 mothers ,thanked me personally.Very easily they understood what Surrealism means,started to use this word as part of their vocabulary ...and Justin became the talk of the day :-))) For this image ,I use Justin's work :"The creation of a Magnificent Strategy " as a background and the photos from this activity taken by myself and my son Saar(11). THANK YOU SO MUCH,JUSTIN...For everything....Not sure he's on the site lately though... :-) But he will eventually :-))

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Olga van Dijk 10 Nov 2006

Oh Man.... what a creative creation this is.... Can't keep my eyes off it!! great job, Nira!

Emily Reed 27 Nov 2005

This is so cute! I just luv it!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 09 Nov 2005


Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 28 Sep 2005

How did I miss this one? It's amazing! What a brilliant idea. The children l;ook so involved, really concentrating. They're obviously proud of the end product. Nice for Justin too. He's a good sort!!

Justin Jenkins 08 Jul 2005

Beautiful job Nira..well presented and so much thanks for your effort and considering me for helping the children have a great day (: Great job my friend,. (wasnt logged in before)