Unhappy Acceptance

No, I'm not dead as shocking as that may be. It is just that I have been working on a few very LARGE pieces lately that are taking a lot of time. I've done a few doodles but none that are really concidered to be archive worthy. At least not by me ^_^ Buuut I figured since you guys have been so good and patient with me I shoulod throw something up, so here just a little doodle I did this morning. No pictures to go by either!? She actually looks almost in proper proportioning too. Could it be I'm actually getting the hang of faces!? It may seem so... either way its just a little somehting, but it the near future there should be a few fully finished kick ass pieces up. Keep an eye out for me. Take care all!


Anonymous Guest

Wes Schuelke 30 Oct 2019

Great sketch.

PMyers 08 Jun 2005

She looks good to me.