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HELLOGOODBYE is a single panel I started in 2005. In a way it is the author's attempt to fish out a myth from everyday junk. The original cartoons are black and white. But when they are in a really good mood they got a color somehow. :) Welcome to the tour! © Andrey Feldshteyn www.cartoonblues.com


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Kristof Frazier 30 Jun 2007

I just came across the cartoons and this one literally made me snort my diet soda out my nose I laughed so hard!..bravo..but ug :)

Christine brand 16 Feb 2006

Very Cool!!! Andrey!!! Sharp!

Julie Mayser 04 Jun 2005

great sense of humor! Nice cartooning! :-)

thea walstra 04 Jun 2005

funny and very good work

Tabitha Borges 30 May 2005

hee. hhe lol....good...