Constantine Maroulis

Copyright Colleen Dawson

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Anonymous Guest

Kukua Akumanyi 30 Sep 2006

Wow stunning pencil iece, the shading and pencil work is brillinat I wish I could do this! Fantastic work!

Anonymous Guest 17 Apr 2006

WOW...Nice work! I have to bookmark this!

K L Marsala 03 Feb 2006

very nice indeed! we need more of these!

Elizabeth Teed 22 Dec 2005

great pose, Colleen, great work

Tim Jensen 03 Jun 2005

This is a very nice piece. I really like the stance, it makes me wonder what the person is thinking. The shading is well done and believable. My only nit pick is the shadow which looks a little odd. I think it would be more effective if it were softened to only give a slight hint of it. Nive job.