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Its been a long time since I put up a picture. I keep telling myself that it's not good enought to go up on artwanted. It also is strange now that I have my website up. I have been buisy with many projects (all of them being tokyo mew mew related o_o;) including cosplay, flash animation, poems, and a snuggle me kisshu doll... I'll put up picks of every thing on my site. okay onto the picture! Kish is now my offical favorite character in any siries. I still havent baught any of the mangas though... I have downloaded 3 full episodes of the origanal japanese subbed though. *includeing the very last one #52 tis the best ^--^* and I did scan all of book nubah seven that I borrowed from a friend. o_o; I love drawing blood, its strangely beautifull to me. It has so much symbolism to it too. Wings are also very hard but fun to draw... now that I look at my portfolio I notice that most of my pics have wings... ~PREEEOW!~ *jumps off into the sunset*


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 12 Apr 2006

This is good.I'll tell kisshu where you live.good luck fighting I have to go hurt horohoro. signed,harukichi

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Jun 2005

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, he so cute but I don't think you need to color it. I think the black and white retains the spirit of the pic. Skoshi

Sacara Lee 21 May 2005

time for color!!!


He looks upset & hurt. Like the angelic wings.

tim linville 20 May 2005

Nice form perspective,Jessica!Great lines!