Looking out the window, Lil sees the most handsome tomcat then promptly goes to pieces with joy. It's an abstract of her...I think. I painted her on a mini 5"x7" canvas panel. No blending at all on this one.

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Lucia Stewart 12 Apr 2007


Armando Salas 25 Apr 2006

Just right now I discover this one. Precious, Vivian, unique!

Emily Reed 25 Apr 2006

This is utterly charming, Vivian!

Kukua Akumanyi 17 May 2005

Wow that's what tom cats do to her.........It's a great feeling some time, you be sure to put your self together right Lil!

Blonde Blythe 16 May 2005

This is so imaginative and funny! Love it! :-)