The Temple of Apis

In this acrylic painting i wanted to convey the symbolisms of creativity and imagination. I constructed this temple as a symbolic dedication to the powers of the imagination and gave it an egyptian feel. Apis, who represented fertility in egyptian mythology is symbolized by the bull thus the horns and legs coming from the lips. If you look closely you will see a figure sitting on a throne and both arms on the chair arm like structures. The right arm and hand on the left bottom becomes a man with a cane within the hand and the left hand and arm on the right side wears a watch with the dials that break out into the space. I actually would like to build this temple someday perhaps as the entrance to a museum or a museum that houses all my works of art to the public. When the visitor enters the doorway he will be purified and his soul cleansed before he absorbs my visions and ideas in my work inside this structure. Copyright 2005 by myself and Imaginative Pencil. All rights reserved.

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Anonymous Guest

George Wallis 12 Jun 2005

wild fantastic incredible, not enough adjectives to describe, your work is full of joy and creativity, great portfolio

Rob Jones 09 May 2005

wild work, tons to look at and get lost in. Great work Justin

Pat Abbott 09 May 2005

I love to use symbolisms, the language of the soul. Beautifully done, Justin.

Renata Cavanaugh 09 May 2005

Egyptian! Now we are talking....beautifully done Justin

eileen martin 09 May 2005

intense and full of details, well done Justin:)