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Love Bites

ye! kish looks hot in this picture! Sorry seto... we are too young to get married. how about boy/girl friends? O_o eh? I guess you cant call this canabilism because kish is an alien... thats creepy... Minto: whacha eatn' Ichigo? Ichigo: eatn' kish! q^o^p

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Apr 2006

lolz, bad kitty ichigo, lolz. nice picture!

Pretty Crimson Eyes 05 Jun 2005

Nice job! I love Tokyo Mew Mew and I actually think that YOUR Kisshu looks better than the one in the manga ^_^

Anonymous Guest (IP: 11 May 2005

oh my gosh hes SO hot :O!!!! ^_^ im like cruchin on dren and elliot hehe.... i think there cute!

Artist Reply: how can you think dren is hot!?! his name is kisshu! >_< DRENS NOT HOT!!!!!11! (kish is though... ^-^)

Kaylyn Sly 06 May 2005

wow jess, how do you do it?

Emma Goodman 06 May 2005

hee hee cool ^^ *bite*

Artist Reply: I just looked at your profile... sorry, i didnt copy your vampire pic... that ones a new one isnt it?