Poor Siamese kitten lost in the rain and huddled next to trash cans in an alley! Soon to be heard, then rescued by a single girl named Mme V. This photo is page 9 of my book, One, Two, Three. It is about how the three of them came to be. I painted many mini paintings to illustrate this book written in poetic form. A friend via the internet purchased the original (comic) book in 2004. Image is not to be misappropriated in any way. Copyright © V O ALLEN

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Lucia Stewart 12 Apr 2007

Wonderful painting Vivian!

Emily Reed 06 Jul 2006

Just so sweet, Vivian!

Kukua Akumanyi 04 May 2005

poor kitty...were do you live?

Blonde Blythe 03 May 2005

I love kitties, & this is just adorable!!!! I love the story behind this, too! I can't believe someone gave you a mere "6" rating for this. That sux! :-)

Loredana 03 May 2005

Wonderful Vivian :)