Nature Angel

G-D appointed an angel for everything and here is how I see her in His creation.

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Nira Dabush 05 Nov 2007

Ilunia..this is so Unique scenario...Delicate and clever...there's something in it that I love..for the spirit,I guess

Tahnja Wolter 20 Jun 2007

What a wonderful image! I LOVE IT!

stephanie atlee 11 Aug 2006

lovely colors and sentiment...pretty piece

Renata Cavanaugh 21 Mar 2006

Fantastic work Ilunia

Christine brand 26 Aug 2005

GREEETINGS!!! I just found this!! The White Shadow!!! Star bright, Star light hope to see A Holy sight this night!!!! Miracles happen everyday...through love we can draw nigh to heavens' hearts' fire...walk within glowing fire!!! May we continue to share our truest hope... Peace Dear Ilania!!! Lovely work!! Great for always.