Marvel comics.Touch Her,and You'll Feel What Happens.Rogue Achieved Her Galactic Powers From Ms.Marvel,in a Battle,in the Wayback Days of Marvel. It's like the Red Sonja Rules...with Really Bad Extras. All Your Energy..All Your Memories get sucked away at a Touch. You get a week long nap, and She goes for Lunch.

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yves colas 14 May 2014

wonderfull galerie,and artwork,all your pictures are amazing.

John Cappello 18 Aug 2012

Outstanding I can just admire here.

Cathy Holford 07 Jan 2011

This has a feel of the Marvel comics. You should work for them!


You really captured the playful spirit of the wayward mutant. I love Rogue, with her attitude, but everybody's scared of her. I wouldn't want to hang out with her either, her powers are scary.

Paul Arruda 13 Jan 2006

No, I dare YOU to give her a kiss, nice work.