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wings of light and darkness

Oh boy, march was the craziest month ever! there are so many drawings I want to put up today but I can only post three. ;_; lets see... I am now officaly obsessed with this show and actually married Seto Kaiba, (tehehe) wrote some fan poems, and found out how truely twisted my little mind is. this is a drawing of seto turning into some kind of evil thing, and poor little mokuba is trying to stop it. when ever I show this picture to some one who has never seen the show (let alone heard of it... crazy huh?) they aways go, "Aw! theyre kissing!" And I'm all "NO NO! Anata wa baka desu! anyway, this is mrs. Jieshika Kaiba signing off... see you on my next pic! 5/27/05 those folds are sogoi!!! O_O I cant remeber how I did them...


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 11 May 2005

what is it????? WHO is it????!?!?!?!

~Katie~ . 02 Apr 2005

kool jess

Andres Martinez 01 Apr 2005

nice penciling