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I have no clue how I know his name is yami. They haven't said it in the american version so far... And Im sure they didnt say it in the movie. I have one of the mangas and that says his name but Im sure I knew it before that. Anyway, Im amazed at kazuki takashi's abilities. He can draw yami in pen! With out sketching first! Thats why his hair is diffrent sizes all the time and he shrinks randomly. I mean look at his right hand! It looks like crap! sorry about the misspellings, I dont have my spell checker with me. >___<; 6/6/05... I just found out his name isnt yami... Its A... (dang it!!! I cant spoil it for you guys... next season....) @[email protected]


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Sep 2005

Good drawing. Isn't his name Yomu?

Lawrence Hickman 06 Mar 2005

excellant work

Emma Goodman 06 Mar 2005

Oooo very cute, I heard his name on the show yesterday and was like 'when did they find out his name?' lol