Mamma Snail

One of my aquatic Apple (Mystery) snails caught in the act of laying her eggs. Photo taken with a Canon Powershot A60 in macro with flash. THE PHOTO IS IN THE CORRECT POSITION!!!! Please folks, don't hurt your necks trying to look at it upside down or sideways like Stan did. Lol. The Mystery snail climbs out of the water and lays her eggs above the water line, working her way back down to the water.


Anonymous Guest

Renata Cavanaugh 20 Aug 2005

Snails are deffinatelly not nasty....they are pretty all nature's creatures are.....and I got to give you thumbs up for being able to capture this moment. FANTASTIC!

Anonymous Guest 12 Jul 2005

Eww snails are nasty

stan jones 23 Feb 2005

would like to have seen it rotated to stop from hurting my neck ...well done Cindy

thea walstra 23 Feb 2005

Interesting and perfect catch