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original art for sale . Roar Medallion (from elden ring video game) 6x9 brsitol with color pencils. $30. If interested to purchase leave a comment or [email protected] Roar Medallion: A bronze medallion depicting a roaring giant. Enhances roars and breath attack. In Ancient times, the ginats were mortal enemies of the Erdtree. Thier bellowing roars desolated nature, triggered avalanches, and whipped up storms of flame. My art book is available to purchase. To purchase my art book hit the link. https://www.artwanted.com/artist.cfm?ArtID=115637&Tab=Books&CPID=1133

1 Comment

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Al Budarin 27 Jan 2023

You have very interesting creations of Artistry ,all so skillfully done

Artist Reply: well this is fan art.. this is one of the talisman in Elden ring video game ( won game of the year 2022 by the way from software compay) I just drew one of their talisman when you equip it in ur game any roar or scream ability you do will be enhanced which means it will cuz more damage to the enemy. so this is really not my creation it is from the game company. but thanks i guess
Artist Reply: elden ring have increadibleeeeee fantasy landscapes and architectures in the game i would love if u would see it . i guess google it . if u can paint those u know since u love landscapes paintings. Game overall amazing visuals and concepts