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Painting In The Park - Early Work
Watercolour. Early Work, Approx 1985.
Painted with my friend during that time of my life... When I actually did not do any walks :-)
  taking walks
I'm not an athlete. Although in my youth, I had a talent for running, this changed a lot over the years.
During high school, I was offered to join the high school running team, but I declined this offer, since I was very busy with my studies and music.
Walking is the only sporting activity I enjoy doing.
Over the years, I have had different periods of walking. Sometimes not at all, more or less. From twice a week to 5 times a week, it depends.
My walks are according to the state of fitness, the desire, or the body's abilities. I had times when I went with one company or another.. or friends. Husband, etc.
And times when I walked with myself.
I enjoyed walking in the company of a friend. And I enjoy walking by myself too, at a pace that suits me.
  In trying to make the ice melt...
  If I were you..I may have asked Nira... for example:
  Will you join me for a walk?
  Or.. Would you like to sit with me on the bench?
  That is if Nira is alone in the park, and while caring for Nira's privacy, discreetly also in a public place. Without reporting it at all, as in respect to myself and yourself.
    Thanks so much for visiting.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Vernonette Gaddy 24 Dec 2022

Love the ecology positivity look of all that bountiful greenery Nira. Also, your watercolor artwork gives me a serene feeling. :)

Joanie Holliday 23 Dec 2022


Artist Reply: Dear Joanie.. I love looking at my early work.. Remember.. It was so long time ago. How things changed.. From work to life.. And people around us. Thanks so much.