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The unnatural ice created in the warm man/woman, following the obsessive spying of too many people on his/her private life.
It will not be easy to melt this layer of ice...
it can start with caring, and maintaining respect for the person's privacy wherever he/she goes and most importantly in the privacy of his home and actions. or wherever he/she goes.
Without any reports on him/her, of any kind.
When trust is lost in people who have been defined as friends in the past, even if it is the trust of decades, it will be difficult to regain it. If any.
If you haven't won my trust yet... consider every step...
and I advise you not to pass on any information about me or my loved ones...
or not to get obey any instructions referring me.
Above all, do not engage in any gossip related to me.
Do everything in your power to prevent espionage activity in my life, and do not be a part of it.

Thanks so much for joining. Enjoy privacy in your life.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Joanie Holliday 21 Dec 2022