I Find Love Moves like Seasons. Between Some People, Love comes like the Rain, and Storms, and is Accepted the same as a Sunny Day. The Face in this Image, is My Wife, Rhonda. She's Best on Sunny Days. I have Loved Her through every Season. As an Artist, it is Known that My Kind Suck at Love. I'm no Different than Van Gogh...and have Strange, almost Eerie Similarities to Klimt. In that I have always Found Rhonda to be My Love. My Life. My Inspiration, while being My Dream, She can Role Play as My Nightmare. Never has a Face or Spirit Reached Me Deeper, while Playing like a Kitten. I've Looked. Searched. I have Included Her in Visual Aspect Eight Times. Not many Artists have tried to Say "I Love You" so Many Times, to One Muse. I would Like to Live Long Enough to See a Thousand and More. But Still...I've got Alot to Learn about Love.

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yves colas 29 Mar 2014

amazing work as habit,you have a great talent...

kevin ong'any 06 Mar 2014


John Cappello 19 Jun 2012

My Eyes almost bulging out of my Head,Looking. My face Frozen in Astonishment!

Aqua1955 04 Jan 2011

perfect Tim... in every way and shape

Andree Lerat 28 Dec 2010

Another elegant drawing.