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KJ Gordon RIP

In memory of KJ Gordon, an old friend, whom I met on RB site.
A painter, lifeguard, swimming instructor, and teacher.
A friendly and warm person who supports different artists.
This image consists of two photos, the one on the left is a photo I took for KJ Gordon at his request.
And on the right is the painting he drew inspired by my photo. Acrylics. 2007/8.
During that time, he was working on a series of Life Guard Cabins.
As I found out about Gordon's death, just yesterday...
"Better Late Than Never "...
KJ Gordon...I guess you are spreading peace calls in heaven, like in your very many paintings inspired by Hawaii. (White Dove Studio)
Farewell, dear friend. Aloha...
Thanks so much for visiting.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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