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Around my 40's.. a close friend told me, " You still don't know that you are in a very good time of your life "...
Being 42 years old, I understood and not understood him fully. He was right! I can say now being 58.5 years old.
Selfies, I took myself. Different expressions.
Very fun to do.. and actually has to take the time for doing so.
I think that my stay on the internet during that time of life inspires me to take the time for selfies, as also the digital camera. Another way to express myself, in the most creative time of my life.

Behind me, are my Art creations.
Photos were taken at my parent's home.

Good to be young again, at least in photos... only in the photos.. and the good memories of a wonderful time of my life, in every way actually. (2006)
Today, Not 16 years old, or 30 years old. surely not 42 years old.
But definitely on the way to 60... (in about 1.5 years)
Thanks for visiting.
Copyrights (c) NIra Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Debra Kott 25 Nov 2022

Very nice Nira.

kath nepia 22 Nov 2022

A wonderful display of your life. Thank you for sharing it with us. Your a very happy lady with a tender heart.

Artist Reply: Kath.. Thank you.. Happiness in times.. Have yourself happy relaxed life.

Vernonette Gaddy 22 Nov 2022

Splendid looking selfies Nira. Keep staying on a positive path- One Day at A Time. :)

Artist Reply: Hello Vernnotte.. Thanks so much for visiting. Enjoy your day!

Anneke Hut 22 Nov 2022

Over here we say, "you are as old as you feel". You look very beautiful, Nira.

Artist Reply: Anneke. Thank you so much.. And I truly like your saying.. It has much meaning.. And logic.

Vicki Pelham 21 Nov 2022

This series of photos of you are lovely dear Nira. Time goes by so quickly; I have learned that each day must be cherished. I find that I still must remind myself sometimes that each day is a gift to be treasured.

Artist Reply: Dear Vicki.. Your words is so true.. Its a strange time of my life.. I have to say.. A real. Change.. And more to say.. Thanks for visiting.