Long time ago I bought these 80's Marvel universe official handbook from Clifton comic con in NJ. It is small con where itis held in small gymnasium and admission fee is free. One of the comic book vendor was selling these offical handbook 2 for 50 cents so I bought a stack of them. I was flipping through those books one day and decided to use Super skrull to do a portrait art piece and here it is. DONE 2022 WITH STUDENT GRADE COLOR PENCIL ON 11X17 BRISTOL ORIGINAL ART $130+S/H AND I AM OPEN FOR COMMISSION COLOR PENCIL OR LEAD PENCIL WORK. SIZE RANGE FROM 8.5X11, 9X12, 11X14, 11X17 COMMISSION RATE STARTS FROM $20 AND UP. LEAVE COMMENT OR [email protected]

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