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Ties can be interpreted in several directions of thoughts.
I gave my own definition for ties, to mostly myself, with some of my ties understood back then on the internet ( approx 2007 ).
My intention was to "things" I personally perceived.
There are people who follow your way, whether you know it, agree to it, or not... For their own reasons.
Sometimes there is a mutual interest or only one side interest. ( theirs )
Around that time in my life, I created my abstract for " Unbreakable Ties".. That is part of what I saw it then.
Later, it was /is clear to me that some of my personal and non-personal ties are indeed breakable... Actually much more than, I would think or imagine.. expected... Due to the circumstances of my life.
I also know that the number of my ties grew much during my internet years.
Thanks for visiting.
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Anonymous Guest

Anneke Hut 14 Nov 2022

Your imagination is incredible! Marvelous designs, Nira!

Joanie Holliday 13 Nov 2022