Juggernaut and Colossus

Done with lead pencil on 11 x13 bristol paper. Here is my try on well known Marvel comic characters. I love juggernaut and colossus fights, but always colossus lose since his strength is not at its peak, but i do not think colossus will be strong as Juggernaut, If you are interested in purchasing this artwork for $40 and also I do private commissions. Leave a comment or contact me at [email protected] (Shipping fee to ship the original artwork will apply) Also I have my 2023 Wall calendar up for sale $19.95 with my artworks through Artwanted.com art community website. Click or copy / paste the link below and would be appreciated if you can support me on the calendar https://www.artwanted.com/artist.cfm?ArtID=115637&Tab=Calen

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