Gas face 2

Jung here. Done 2022 with Color pencils on 81/2 x 11 comicbook board backing. This is my character that i have created and it is part 2 of the original gas face that i had created. One day I went to my comic book shop and I was looking around and i saw this comicbook board backings,which is a bit larger than regular backings cuz it is for magazine size backing boards when I asked the worker at the comic book shop he said they are not selling those backings so I asked him can I have some and he said yes, so I used one of the backings on the backside to draw this character of mine,but I noticed as i was working on the piece the backing surface of the paper start to peel off and it was not durable at all. As you can see you will see some tiny peeled off spots of the paper in the artwork. Original art is up for sale $20 (shipping fee will apply) USD email me [email protected] Also I have my 2023 Wall calendar up for sale $19.95 with my artworks through art community website. Click or copy / paste the link below and would be appreciated if you can support me on the calendar

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