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HI Dear Artwanted Friends, Members, Staff and Viewers, TODAY, OCTOBER 12TH IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY FOR ME, as I continue to CELEBRATE DEE'S BIRTHDAY by attempting to honor the memory of her life: as a very caring sensitive person who had steadfastly expressed her Love for God; and her loving kindness for people; as my Devoted, Beautiful, Loving Wife; and as a Very Talented Professional Photographer and Photo-Artist! I would express to Dee many times throughout our marriage how I Loved our Love Story in Life! There was one time Dee asked me why did I ask her to Marry me; and I said to her, smiling, well sweetie, your outer beauty caught my attention; and your Inner Beauty Captured my Heart! Dee is my once in a Lifetime Best Friend and Soulmate; she was the Perfect Wife for me. I Thank God for her; and for The Wonderful Love and Special Memories that we shared together! Knowing Dee's Life Journey with all her personal and health challenges; Dee was the most amazing and courageous person that I ever knew! Dee is my Eternal Soulmate Sweetheart; and I'll Love her Forever! Dee took this picture of me when we went for a walk in a park near to where we lived. Thank you all for visiting; wishing you and your loved ones a very Beautiful, Safe and Healthy Day! :) David


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Debra Kott 13 Oct 2022

Beautifully written.

Artist Reply: Thank you Debra! Wishing you a Beautiful, Safe and Healthy Day!

Nira Dabush 13 Oct 2022

Of course it is my pod.. And I am sure Dee's Pod too.

Nira Dabush 13 Oct 2022

Good evening from Israel David... Such an outstanding artistic capture.. And I feel in the right time to post it. It has a unique atmosphere.. Your loving kind words if Dee.. Is a good example of what love is.. Indeed I can tell its a rare Love... Nowadays.. . And for sure god's gift.. A treasures. I feel what wonderful love you two shared in life.. Such devotion in a most mutual understanding of what love is. Indeed she had outside and inside great beauty.. She will remembered by it and her talent. Thank you for sharing your emotions to her abd this beautiful photo. Stay healthy strong and serounded by those care for you in your world.. You will meet your soul mate in another life time... God bless.

Artist Reply: Thank you Nira, for visiting and sharing your kind gracious words of appreciation of Dee's Artistry; and of Dee's&my Love Story In Life! I'm so very Thankful for The Love that Dee&I Shared...May The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Bless you Always, Dear Friend! :) David ... and thank you so very much for the Pod!

Joanie Holliday 13 Oct 2022


Artist Reply: Hi Joanie, thank you for visiting; and thank you for sharing your Heartfelt Kind Words ... It really means a lot to me! God Bless you, my Friend! :) David

Vicki Pelham 12 Oct 2022

Such a lovely tribute!......

Artist Reply: Thank you Vicki! Wishing you a Beautiful, Safe and Healthy Day!