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In the background of Two Trees.
The creativity of the workshop of several young people... brought up memories of artworks I made in the early 80s. At the time being young myself, very happy creatively. More will come in the future.
Thanks for visiting.
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Anonymous Guest

R Matharu 30 Sep 2022

Oh! Yes. I see that as well. But In the beginning I saw the fish and turtle. - brilliant work of art. -Rabs

R Matharu 30 Sep 2022

Hi There! This caught my eye straight away. It’s between a fish and a turtle but it creates such a lovely design. - Rabs

Artist Reply: Hello Rabs.. Thanks for joining. This is not a turtle, nor a fish. You've got some imagination, I must say. Pallete of an artist, with fingers holding it.. head of a lamp. A brush. IN the background of fields, and trees. Kind Regards.

Anneke Hut 30 Sep 2022

Awesome picture, you are so talented!


Al Budarin 29 Sep 2022

Wow!!! Several weeks ago I said I could identify your Artistry ,even without your signature,,,,was I wrong,I would never ,never have thought this was your Art,,,,It's Amazing how our inner Creativity Changes Over the Years,,,mind you I may be wrong there too,Could be depending what Mood we are in,what as they say Zone we are in,I have to say Nira,you have brought to us another Side I would have never visualized,,I find it very Interesting,Mindboggling,Head turner,but Moreover it shows me the Skills & Talent you have yet to Share with AW,,,,to me it's almost like a secret you've unleashed ,Fantastic ,,,,

Artist Reply: Hello Al.. Happiest time of creativity.. Being a student.. And were asked as student to bring different kind of style.. And.. I have works from that time of my life.. That is different from what you reconize as my style.. I had many styles during the years.. From time to time.. It is also good for me to remember different works. Actually I searched for another work Yesterday.. That I did in that same week as this one.. But not sure where it is. It is true.. I have several recognized styles.. But I have much more. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.