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Vallen's Sakura Tree

Its really sad when some one like me starts watching Yu-Gi-Oh! but it has an amazing plot, lots of action and, you guessed it, hot guys! muhahaha! anyway, vallen is my favorite. his thick austrailian accsent makes him sound tough and foren, but his eyes and attitude hint a bit of forlorn and a broken heart. Why doesn't Mai like him back!?! HE IS, LIKE, SO TOTALLY SEXY!!!! O___o Anyway, this one took a while to draw and color this one. his hand gave me the most problems. I spent an hour stairing at my hands, then I noticed they were backwards! So there was a lot of erasing and redrawing going on there. Im so happy it came out like this. He looks just like the anime! I was quite suprised. yeah, he is wondering why Mai doesn't like that TOTALY SEXY BISHONEN!!! AHHHHHHH!!! WHY!?! ._. ok,TTFN.

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Kaylyn Sly 19 Apr 2005

wow! you made him look like a good guy