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Split personalities

We all have some emotional and mental problems ( if we don't have those problems then answer me this why do we talk to ourselves). We all have different opinions and different views point of other people as well. I love using these gel pens they tend gives some my work a quality and personality of its own.


Anonymous Guest

Vernonette Gaddy 16 May 2022

Very meaningful and thought-provoking artwork Ray. Self-expression through artistry is a positive stress reliever.

Rick Corbett 13 May 2022

real nice line work. I agree that we have emotional and mental problems in some form or another. Personally, I suffer with CPTSD and drawing and art helps me to cope and deal with life. Your work is powerful and thought provoking, very powerful and so well done.

Artist Reply: Thank you Rick I'm glad someone recognizing what doing here .

Dave Matke 13 May 2022

Very expressive Ray : )

Artist Reply: Thank you Dave have great weekend my friend.