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Memorial Day in Israel. About 24, 086 victims of War & Terror.
May their memory be blessed.
May their soul be bundled in the bundle of life
Yehi zichram mevorach.
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Anneke Hut 04 May 2022

It's so terrible what is happening in the world. Let's pray for peace and always remember all the victims of all time.

Artist Reply: Wars bring too much pain. Unfortunately through all history in different areas of the world. I actually lost hopes for peace.. I mean real peace.. All I can do post..pray and ask for peace..Thanks so much my dear friend. Greetings Shslom.

José Ramalhão Fortunato 03 May 2022

Great Memorial , my dear friend Nira. We shall never forget the atrocity over inocent people, during the stupid last century wars ! It seems that now, some insane, did not learn it at all, and started it again in this century ! Peace to all

Artist Reply: Good noon dear Jose'... If you check well.. there were wars since bible days... all history.. Living in Israel..we really need hopes for peace.. Thanks so much my dear friend. Greetings Shslom.

Al Budarin 03 May 2022

Nira,I'm so saddened by all the wars,& Terror this world has endured,the suffering,the pain for the loved ones,it's unbelievable how we can do this as humans to one another,,,,& this still goes on,there are so many on this earth that struggle from day to day ,life can be so unbearable for so many as what we see today,,,,,we need to remember this,,,my grandparents were part of some of these struggles,RIP,,,,,Nira,Thank you for sharing this with AW

Artist Reply: Hello Al. Will the world learn the lesson.. It seemd trough all history..wars. Sometimes peace.. We live at uneasy area of the world.. Need to belive there is hope. Thanks so much my dear friend. Greetings Shslom.

Joanie Holliday 03 May 2022


Artist Reply: Thanks so much my dear friend. Greetings Shslom.

Ray Steele 03 May 2022

They all are in safe place now NIRA rest assure THEY All are being bless

Artist Reply: Thanks so much...Greetings.