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The Dust Fiend

Here comes double trouble! The dreaded dust fiend is here, and whether it roams the wastes as a wild predator or serves it's bunker dwelling human creators as a patrol beast, it's always a brutal, close-quarters killer. Able to crab walk back and forth or side to side, climb over the roughest terrain or climb up the face of a ruined skyscraper, these powerful muties are a serious challenge to any excavation team that finds itself in the arid badlands and dunes of the Mutant Epoch era. In melee range fights, they are at their most devastating, and with two heads and the exceptional alertness this offers, they are hard to sneak up on or catch in the open where ranged attacks are a dig teams only hope. Worse, they are known to roam in packs of up to six members, and mount merciless ambushes on those who foolishly enter their territory. This is my 13th Monday Mutant release and marks the return of the popular series of short PDFs for the Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. I'll be adding another each Monday until this next dozen are added to the collection. Once we get to a total of 24 muties, I'll add a few never before seen horrific oddities and put 'em all into a PDF and print book to craft an all-new bestiary! This supplement includes a left hand random weapons listing, 3 short loot tables, and the usual full page art as a player handout. Put your hands on your copy today at the always affordable 'Pay What You Want' or free price. https://outlandarts.gumroad.com/l/bfjcpd

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