It's a picture with coded text. The storyline is pretty deeply hidden - it's encrypted according to all the rules of classical cryptography. But it would be strange to expect the audience to turn out to be avid coders, so I put the key (or password) there on the canvas. But in any case, everyone will have to work hard to get to the truth!) I wish you only pleasant emotions in this activity. *** I was touched by that concerned, tense, and slightly frightened look. So I decided to find an explanation for it. Or rather, I looked deeper and described this condition in the famous words of an equally famous person. The years go by, but the nature of the human experience does not change. Time tells us that mankind, with its spiritual quests and emotional twists and turns, is stubbornly treading in the same place. Which in itself is weird... or are we bad students? or are we going the wrong way? *** 2021 © ?. Boytsov 60 x 42 cm. You can order a different size. The work is signed by the author. Graphite pencil on high-quality white paper "GoZNAK" (density 200 gr.). The drawing is processed with a fixative for graphic works. No suspension system, no frame design. *** I can send this picture in a sandwich pack - in a dense waterproof bag sandwiched between two sheets of Styrofoam. Any questions can be discussed if you email me.

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Arash shahmi 30 Jan 2022

Amazing ...

Artist Reply: I shrug, I do not know what to answer :)