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Beauty in the eyes of the beholder ... and even more so in the eyes of the lover They say: "Beauty in the eyes of the beholder" ..
Love sees beauty in every situation and at every age and enhances it. Jealousy, narrow-mindedness and vengeance ... seek and emphasize the flaws in any situation and also in beauty as a sign of ridicule and pettiness..
The purpose of hatred and jealousy ... to try to harm beauty ... Without a doubt jealousy, hatred and revenge are ugliness for that matter.
I will always prefer the lovers and stay away forever from the jealous, hateful or vengeful ... or people dominated by jealousy, hatred, and revenge ... as well as gossip ... or those who seek flaws and seek to emphasize them in mostly infantile forms.
We will concentrate on love ... starting from the inside, since love is beauty and emphasizes it. Love is not about pettiness, those who try to harm it, and beauty inside and out.
I will concentrate on love from within and beauty at any age.
Let grow up respectfully and while maintaining privacy. My photos are personal, and I'm the only one who can decide if or which of my photos to upload. I'm the only one who needs to see my private photos in privacy. Do not take, or distribute any photo of me taken illegally and without my express permission. Same goes for my family members. Thank you.
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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 02 Mar 2022

Dear Nira you are great artist,uyou text is is so full of love ,and meanings

Anonymous Guest 02 Mar 2022

Hi dear Nira ! U work are always so delitful And pretty !

Anonymous Guest 08 Dec 2021

Nicely done my friend

Ray Steele 07 Dec 2021

That true NIRA beauty is all around us,beauty is in nature, beauty,is the plants and animals,

Artist Reply: Ray.. Thank you very much. Kind regards.

Al Budarin 07 Dec 2021

All very wonderfully said,,,so does Beauty actually exist,or does it only exist if it's created in the eye of the beholder

Artist Reply: Hello Al... THank you so much dear Al.. Greetings shalom.