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This one was sold today. If you would like to have the same - drop me a message. It is very easy to paint. Took me 5 minutes to paint it. LOOKS GORGEOUS: I have mixed white acrylic with watercolor and got the secret result. HAND-PAINTED ------- Welcome to my sold artworks gallery. It is very sad to say goodbye to an artwork - because you will never see it again. It is part of your life and emotions going away forever, like summer pictures from vacation. Art is my passion. Art makes my heartbeat. You can find it as a design from redbubble, society6 and threadless sites. When the whole city is sleeping - I paint. I love colors. I love working with shapes. It is a pleasure to be creative. I want to express myself. I speak with images like a musician is speaking with music, a dancer with dance, and flowers blooming. Art is life decoration, the peak of human nature. Art is my love, my passion, my sleepless nights, hours of pleasant music. Art makes my heartbeat.

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