Lil is playing with her first June bug. She's about to find out that it is not only a fun play pretty, but delicious, too. Image is not to be misappropriated in any way without my written consent. Copyright © V O ALLEN

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Martha Cable 30 Jul 2008

You have made a new meaning to stick it.....

Emily Reed 10 Oct 2006

I really like how you did this. Splendid!

Maddison Jamison 05 Apr 2006

Yuck! Cats do some nasty things like that sometimes. I remember one of mine brought home a dead mouse and wouldn't let me have it. She didn't want to eat it, she just wanted to play with it. I moved furniture and tried to talk it away from her for two hours. I finally turned on the vacuum and she ran and hid after dropping the poor thing. This is cute.

heliopo Heliopo 01 Nov 2005

Hello dear Vivian, I like your style to paint ! ! ! ! Your figures and pets are so lovely ! ! :o)

Loredana 20 Aug 2005

Looks like someone i know LOL